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„Global March to Jerusalem“: Internationale Protestaktion


Internationale Protestaktion gegen die israelische Apartheid- und Besatzungspolitik am palästinensischen Tag des Bodens

Die demografische Schlacht um Jerusalem


Am Dienstag bestätigte die Jerusalemer Stadtverwaltung weitere 130 Wohneinheiten für die israelische Siedlung Gilo.

Israel revokes Jerusalem residency of 70,000 Palestinians


According to the Wadi Helwa Information Centre (see below), the Mayor of Jerusalem has announced that the Palestinian population of Jerusalem is being reduced by 70,000 persons with the stroke of a pen.

Mutual frustration behind latest Israel-EU row


Israel reacted strongly to comments made earlier this week by four European members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on Israeli settlement construction and so called "price tag" attacks.

The Two Faces of the United Nations: The Power of Israel and its Lobby


Truth and Justice have been a historical anathema to all Empires and the powerful oligarchies throughout history.

Swiss museum suspends Elysée Prize to protest Lacoste’s exclusion of Palestinian artist Larissa Sansour


The Musée de L’Elysée in Lausanne, Switzerland has suspended the 2011 Lacoste Elysée Prize, a presitigious international photography contest, over the sponsor’s decision to expel Palestinian artist Larissa Sansour,

Israel has 101 different types of permits governing Palestinian movement


Over the decades permit regimen grows into vast, triple-digit bureaucracy.

Will Jerusalem Cause a Third Intifada?


This may be a journalistic hunch, but I have a feeling that we are about to witness an explosion in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, this time again over Jerusalem.

Female prisoners on hunger strike over exchange deal


Five female prisoners at Israel's Hasharon jail started a hunger strike on Wednesday in protest against not being included in the prisoner exchange deal between Israel and Hamas.

Israeli jails 'refilled' after prisoner swap


Israel has detained nearly the same number of Palestinians they freed in the first stage of a prisoner exchange deal in the two months since the swap, a prisoners group said on Thursday.

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